40+ Korean Makeup Look Inspiration That You Can Try | Korea Artiz Studio

Generally speaking, Korean makeup trends tend to look younger and cuter in style rather than mature and sexy as they are here in the states.

Like, I’m talking juicy face with peach blossom eye shadow + blush, smudged lip lines and MLBB (my lips but better) that are super trending in Korea.

So keep scrolling for the 40 more Korean makeup looks inspiration

Glow Skin

If you want to achieve Kbeauty look, having glossy skin is essential for looking healthy and young.

Peach Blossom Eyes

Korean women love to blend peach colored cosmetics since the effect looks like you are younger, cuter, and innocent. It’s also my favorite color including eye shadows, blushes, and lip tints!

Winter Cool Tone Makeup

While warm tone skin color makeup might make the face soft, cool tone skin color makeup is also popular in winter. Simply play with red, pink, and purple lipsticks that are actually so pretty on your lips!

MLBB Korean Makeup Looks

MLBB translates to “my lip but better”. Lipstick that’s basically the same shade as your lips but adds just a bit more depth and intensity to your pout. Try the most popular colors that are nude pink, coral, and dried roses!

Brown Lips Korean Makeup Looks

Bold and deep brownish color lip tints are another many Korean women’s favorite in fall/winter.

Smudged Lip Line

Korean women want a barely-there lip line clearly because it makes them look natural. After applying lip tints or lipsticks, just smudge your lip line by using Q Tips.

Laughing Eye Bags

Korean consider eye bags that appear when you smile make you look younger and cuter. Simply apply a light gold highlighter shade underneath your eye to accentuate them!

Which Korean makeup look is your favorite? And which ones are you going to try first? Let us know in the comment below!

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