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When you care about someone, show it. Allow yourself to act vulnerable. Give yourself permission to express your emotions. Don’t leave anything left unsaid. Don’t censor yourself. Use your voice. Say those three little words. Say whatever is on your mind. Be the most authentic version of yourself.

When you care about someone, don’t worry about appearing clingy or needy or overemotional. Don’t hold back the way you’re feeling out of fear it won’t be reciprocated. Don’t stay inside of your comfort zone. Break out and take risks. Embrace the unknown. Be more spontaneous, more adventurous. Stop playing it so safe.

When you care about someone, be honest with them. Don’t lie in order to come across as cool. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not in order to seem more impressive. Don’t act like you’re cold and emotionless in order to protect yourself from rejection and ridicule and heartache. Tear your walls down. Let the real you shine through the surface. Be unapologetically yourself.

When you care about someone, put in effort. Smile across the room. Send the first text. Give compliments. Plan outings. Make it clear you value their time and appreciate their presence. Don’t let them get to the point where they’re questioning whether you actually care. Don’t force them to guess how you’re feeling when you could come right out and say it to their face. Don’t put them through the process of dating games. Save yourself the time. Save yourself the trouble.

When you care about someone, you shouldn’t overthink things. You shouldn’t wonder whether you’re being too nice, whether you’re being too honest, whether you’re being too real. You should do what feels right. Say what feels right. If you’re with the right person, then they’re going to appreciate your transparency. And if you’re with the wrong person, it’s better you find out earlier, before your heart gets too cemented to theirs.

When you care about someone, you shouldn’t tamp down your feelings. You shouldn’t push important people away. You shouldn’t lock your heart in a cage because it’s safer behind walls than out in the open. Love requires risks. It requires moving forward without any clue what the future holds. It requires trust in this other person — and in yourself.

When you care about someone, you shouldn’t wait for the right moment to tell them how you feel. You shouldn’t wait until tomorrow to check up on them. You shouldn’t procrastinate when it comes to embracing the people who mean the most to you. Take advantage of every moment you get with them. Don’t waste today. Don’t keep coming up with reasons to put off your generosity until later.

When you care about someone, please, make sure you’re not the only person who knows it. Make sure you actually show it. Don’t let your fear get in the way of your feelings. Don’t let your discomfort convince you to keep your kindness inside. Speak from your heart. Love loudly. Let the world know what you think.

About Artiz Studio:

Free from the influence of time & place, our portraits capture a moment that is timeless. This is our aim when capturing any photo. As a child, I was deeply moved when I saw a photo of my grandparents together, bathed in a soft red light. I can never forget the impression that photo left on me, it had a large impact on me and my photography. I wish for brides and grooms to have the same feelings that I experienced when they receive their portraits. The most beautiful moments of loving couples should be retained forever. — Founder Kim Yong Seon

Founded In Busan, Korea Since 2008, South Korea Network KBS Central Has Named Artiz As One Of The Leading Bridal Fashion Icon And Wedding Provider For Authentic Korean-Style Photography. Capturing Timeless Portraits For More Than 20 Million Couples Throughout The 45 Situated Studio Locations. Our Unique Background Setting Crafted By SBS Korea Landscape Designers Has Propelled Artiz Within The Ranks Of Luxury Wedding Photography Elites Throughout The World, Delivering World-Leading Standards And Services.

Ushering In Artiz Global Success Was The Expansion To Singapore’s Wedding Scene In 2017 And Has Been Crowned Unanimously As Singapore’s Largest Indoor Wedding Studio And Sole Provider For Authentic Korean-Style Wedding Photography.

Our Extensive Portfolio Of Over 200 A-List Celebrities Endorsements And Mutual Collaborative Shoots With Local Top-Tier Influencers And Media Publications Has Propelled Artiz Into The Ranks Of Singapore’s Wedding Elites. This Includes Jian Hao Tan (Frobes 30 Under 30, 2016) With His Now Wife Debbie Soon (Influencer), Jade Rasif (Rank #2 South East Asia DJ, 2020), Naomi Neo (Singapore’s Most Followed Female Influencer, 2020) As Well As LGBTQ Activism Shoot For Andee Chua And Hugo Lim (Youtuber Influencer, Runway Model And LGBTQ Activist)

Artiz Has Seen To Also Paved The Way For Luxury Wedding And Bridal Providers, Having Earned Featured Publications In Over 200 Global Media Channels Worldwide Such As ELLE, COSMOPOLITAN BRIDE, VOGUE & HERWORLD Singapore

Your Wedding Day Is One Of The Most Important Days In Everyone’s Life, And We Hope That It Would Be Captured In Every Detail. Artiz Promises A Distinctive Style & Fresh POV To Photography By Shooting Natural Expressions And Moments Of Each Bride & Groom , Which Leave Not Only A Memory But Also Touches The Soul. Our Timeless Glamour And Luxurious Ambience Has Earned Us The Reputation As The Premier Studio Where Stars Have Chosen To Express Their Love Story.

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Artiz Studio was founded in Busan, South Korea in 2008 and has since become the most fashionable and popular Korean style wedding photography brand globally